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  Vegan Ice Cream (book) (not signed) $16.99  
  Vegan Ice Cream (book)With Author signature 16.99  
  add Shipping and Handling (per book) 7.00  
  add State tax (Washington State residents only) 9.5%    

Please print this page out, fill in the number of items, total amount for the books, total for shipping and handling, subtotal, sales tax (if appropriate, and the grand total. Mail the form, with your name, address, phone, email, and check or money order to:

The Naughty Vegan
PO Box 31362
Seattle, WA 98103-1362

(a limited number of copies of the original "Vice Cream" are available here!)

Please note to whom the books should be signed to (if "with author signature" is selected.)

To: ______________ - OR - Just author signature

(Note: Author uaually adds comments when signing)

Please make checks out to "The Naughty Vegan" or "Jeff Rogers" in US funds.

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